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Note: This site is a mockup only and is being redeveloped to create a more detailed and beautiful design - stay tuned!


Since the pandemic I saw a drop in people heading to the city to go out or enjoy an event that made them feel happy. Instead of dating sites or large group meetings where it’s hard to make new friends, I realised we needed specific individuals who would enjoy talking to us and make excellent hosts for the activites we enjoy.

Hosts run individual services for their private clientele while following the companion apps’ rules as well as creating their own rules too. A fee is charged per social activity. 

To ensure a friendly environment with legitimate Clients and vendors we ask that everyone sign up using a credit/debt card or PayPal account. This will help to weed out spammers, scammers and window shoppers who have no intention to attend a one-on-one event.

As a Host:
Your role is an important one because you are creating an environment that is friendly, safe and enjoyable for your clients. If you can build a great companion environment and make each of your clients feel welcome, then they will continue coming back and enjoying all the events you have to offer.

As a client:

What can you do? I’m glad you asked. You have the opportunity to enjoy your time out and about with a friendly host who not only wants you to have fun, but to keep coming back and attending all their events on offer. And maybe create new ones just for you. Select from one of the categories then scroll through the profiles until the person and price suit your needs. Then check out their profile and read about the way they run their bookings. We are certain you will be impressed.

Categories will be added and updated up until and for years after the site is finally completed. Any kind of activity you can think of will be available for you to book. What is it that you do on your own right now? What favourite things do you enjoy? What do you want to do that your friends or partner have no interest in? Soon you will be able to what ever it is that you like when you join as a client or or as a vendor.

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