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We are looking for
friendly individuals
to attend one-on-one events

people chatting

We are also looking for
friendly individuals
to create
personable events

Friendly people bring out the best in everyone, so if that's you, then we would like you to join us in helping to create an alternative place where you are paid to make people feel great about themselves and give customers a fun outing.

ladies talking

Enjoy going to the movies?
Want to go surfing, but don't know any good spots and you're only a beginner, we have people who love to teach the inexperienced.
Have you always wanted to go to the gym but you don't know where to go and all your friends like to eat McDonalds and game, well look no further and enjoy the company of an experienced gym goer who can help you with programs and protein choices.
Wait! Did you say you are a gamer and like junk food? Or maybe you're vegan? That's ok, we have similar people like you who run events designed just for you.

people jogging

It's time you enjoyed yourself and did not have to settle for being alone. It's time you got to spend time with people who are just like you. It's time you found activities you've always wanted to do and spend your time with people who want you to enjoy your event. A person who wants to make your time as enjoyable as possible.

Join us as either someone who wants to create a great environment for a new event with a companion, or a person who is looking for a great communicator and event you'll enjoy. Add your details and we'll get back to you once the site is launched.

Choose an event, choose a package, choose something you would enjoy doing.

All events will be run via

until the webapp is complete

Enter your email and we will get back to you 

when we are about to launch the webapp

Pre-Join now and enjoy exclusive offers and discounts. Plus entry to our launch party.

Thanks for submitting!

The examples below show the workings of the site without the bells and whistles that would otherwise create a beautiful site with a creative design to inspire and WOW you.

On the Surfboard
online dating australia
dating a woman


$48 - Surfing Package for 1 hour. Includes surfboard, help to get used to surfing / help with your intermediate skills, or just someone to surf with.

$24 - General Activities for 1 hour. This can be be a walk along the beach, a deep and meaningful chat, visit a museum, chat over a drink.

$55 - Picnic and drink for 1 hour. Includes cheeses, meats, dips, and wine or other beverage.

($11 extra for every 30 minutes after)

Hi, thanks for stopping by.

If the water is warm then we can take a dip, or just stroll the coast. Happy to go for dinner and drinks too. What are you into?
m interested in surfing (obviously), but I also enjoy going to the cinemas and live bands.

My Story

I've lived in Melbourne all my life, so even though I have no accent, my mum does. I've travelled only a little. I like all kinds of sport, I can sit in a pub or a nice restaurant, see a movie, or just chill while sitting in the sun.

If you want to get in touch please message me.

If you you like the idea of catching up and having a great time out, book with me now.

I generally like to get to know a person really well, which can only happen when meeting for at least a couple of hours rather than just a quick coffee. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Subscribe for news, discounts, information and to see my private page where I give tips on great places to surf.

dating a man


$44 - Gym Package for 1 hour. Includes entry, use of equipment, help with your workout, nutrition tips and more.

$89 - Dinner Package for 1 hour. Includes meal, beverage and great conversation.

$95 - Happy hour then live music for 3 hours. Includes entry to all venues and your first drink.

($12 extra for every 30 minutes after)

Hi and welcome.

I go to gym two-four time a week. I work in an office so try to get out and away on weekends. I love trail walking, excellent restaurants or sometimes just fish and chips on the beach. Love music too, so if you have old records at home or an old mixed tape, I would love to hear them. If there is another suggestion for a one on one event I can help you with please let me know.

My Story

I'm from Geelong, but had to move to Hawthorn for work. I love it in Melbourne - the cafes are amazing. I've travelled all over the world, but nothing compares to home. I would love to hear about you and how you've become a master of your own life. None of us a perfect, but as we get older we at least get to know our good qualities. I'm always happy to listen and chat about the life, love and the world.

I'm really open, but just like everyone there is a little baggage in the back. However, it's all perception and how positively we look on life, right? That's why I love meeting new people and can enjoy life rather than dwell on any mistakes we may have made in our old crazy past.

I go to the Able Bodies gym and would be happy for you to join me if that's your thing. I have a great beginner and intermediate program you would enjoy as well as food and drink ideas to help with obtaining more energy from every day activities.

Message me if you want to chat or get in touch and we can meet up. Happy to travel out to the hills if you need to get away for a walk and chat.



Q Am I really paying someone to go on a date or hang out with me?
A We just want you to enjoy your event
. Our site is being developed to make you, feel good about yourself. To give you something to look forward to. To give you a fun event to attend. Everyone deserves to feel special.

​Q I just want someone to talk to, is that ok?
A Perfectly fine. You can meet with the host
 and enjoy your time with them without any strings attached. The host is of the same mind. You can choose to see the host again, or not. 

Q What services are allowed?
A Please understand that we consider ourselves very prudish when it comes to nudity or sex, so please ensure that those kinds of services are not offered to everyone. You must ensure you keep within the law so that illegal activities are never conducted via our site. 

Would you like to know more?

Find out by going to the INFORMATION page.

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